8 Alexa Commands for OSRAM LIGHTIFY

Below are the Alexa commands for Osram Lightify. You can change the ‘device name’ with other different names.

“Alexa, turn on my {device name}”. Example: “Alexa, turn on my Osram

“Alexa, turn off my {device name}”. Example: “Alexa, turn off my Osram

“Alexa, set my {device name} to {color}”. Example: “Alexa, set my Osram to green

“Alexa, set the {device name} to {percentage}”. Example: “Alexa, set the Osram to 50 percent

“Alexa, brighten the {device name}”. Example: “Alexa, brighten the Osram

“Alexa, brighten the {device name} to {percentage}”. Example: “Alexa, brighten the Osram to 80 percent

“Alexa, dim the {device name}”. Example: “Alexa, dim the Osram

“Alexa, dim the {device name} to {percentage}”. Example: “Alexa, dim the Osram to 40 percent