Alexa and Hue Commands: Voice Control Examples

Below are some voice command examples for Alexa and Hue Commands: Voice Control Examples. These commands will allow you to control your smart home devices using just your voice. From turning on/off lights, setting the ambiance of a room, to changing colors, these voice commands will make your life easier.

#1 Basic Commands for Hue Devices

“Turn on/off all lights”
“Turn on/off [specific light]”
“Set brightness to [number] percent”
“Set [specific light] to [number] percent”
“Set color to [color]”
“Set [specific light] to [color]”
“Dim/Brighten [specific light]”
“Dim/Brighten all lights”
“Activate scene [scene name]”
“Turn on/off all lights in [room name]”
“Set [specific light] to [scene name]”

#2 Advanced Commands for Hue Devices

“Set [specific light] to [color] and [number] percent brightness”
“Set [specific light] to [color] and [scene name]”
“Start [animation name]”
“Set [specific light] to [alert type] alert”
“Start color loop on [specific light]”
“Stop color loop on [specific light]”
“Sync [specific light] to [TV name]”
“Turn on/off [specific light] when [sensor name] senses [condition]”
“Set [specific light] to [effect] effect”
“Set [specific light] to [color temperature] color temperature”

#3 Commands for Alexa and Hue Devices

“Set the mood for [room name]”
“Turn on the party mode”
“Good morning”
“Good night”
“Movie time”
“Reading time”
“Dim/Brighten lights in [room name]”
“Turn off all the lights except in [room name]”
“Turn on/off nightlight”
“Rainy day”
“Romantic evening”
“Set up a birthday party”

#4 Commands for Hue Entertainment Area

“Start/Stop syncing with [entertainment area name]”
“Turn on/off [specific light] in [entertainment area name]”
“Set [specific light] to [color] in [entertainment area name]”
“Set individual lights in [entertainment area name] to [scene name]”

#5 Commands for Groups

“Create a new group”
“Add [specific light] to [group name]”
“Remove [specific light] from [group name]”
“Turn on/off [group name]”
“Set brightness to [number] percent on [group name]”
“Activate scene [scene name] on [group name]”

#6 Commands for Routines

“Add a new routine”
“Turn on/off [routine name]”
“Edit [routine name]”
“Delete [routine name]”
“Run [routine name]”
“Add a delay in [routine name]”
“Set a condition in [routine name]”
“Activate scene [scene name] in [routine name]”