25 Alarm.com Commands for Google Assistant

Before able to control Alarm.com system using Google Assistant commands, you have to first link Alarm.com properties to your Google Account. Here are some Alarm.com commands you can use.


“Ok Google, ask Alarm.com to turn on the living room light.”

“Ok Google, ask Alarm.com to turn the bedroom light on.”

“Ok Google, set the dining room light to 70 percent.”

“Ok Google, turn the living room light down.”

“Ok Google, turn on the lights.”

“Ok Google, turn off the lights.”

“Ok Google, turn on the bedroom lights.”

“Ok Google, tell Alarm.com to flip the bedroom light.”


“Hi Google, set the kitchen thermostat to 70 degrees.”

“Hi Google, ask Alarm.com to increase the temperature by 3 degrees.”

“Hi Google, set dining room to AC mode.”

“Hi Google, what is the temperature?”

“Hi Google, ask Alarm.com to set the thermostat to 72 degrees.”

“Hi Google, tell the upstairs temperature.”

Security & door

“Hello Google, ask Alarm.com to arm stay my security system.”

“Hello Google, is my security system armed?”

“Hello Google, tell Alarm.com to arm stay.”

“Hello Google, tell Alarm.com arm system stay.”

“Hello Google, lock the front door.”

“Hello Google, close the garage door.”

“Hello Google, shut the garage door.”

“Hello Google, is the front door locked?”

“Hello Google, is the garage door open?”

“Hello Google, tell Alarm.com to lock the front door.”

“Hello Google, tell Alarm.com to lock the doors.”