36 Alarm.com Commands for Alexa

Before using Alarm.com commands for Alexa, please enable the skill through Amazon Alexa app or by the following link. Once it enabled, you can use commands below.



“Alexa, turn on the light.”

“Alexa, turn off the light.”

“Alexa, turn on the Office Light.”

“Alexa, switch on the Office Light.”

“Alexa, flip off the Office Light.”

“Alexa, ask Alarm.com to turn on the Kitchen Light.”

“Alexa, dim the Bedroom Light to 30 percent.”

“Alexa, increase the Bedroom Light to 70 percent.”

“Alexa, make Bathroom Light 20 percent brighter.”

“Alexa, run the Sleep scene.”



“Alexa, set the Dining Room to 74 degrees.”

“Alexa, decrease the Living Room to 70 degrees.”

“Alexa, increase the Living Room by 2 degrees.”

“Alexa, adjust the Bedroom to 72 degrees.”

“Alexa, cool down Bedroom by 4 degrees.”

“Alexa, heat up the Kitchen by 3 degrees.”

“Alexa, turn the Dining Room heat up.”

“Alexa, make the Living Room colder.”

“Alexa, heat my Bedroom.”

“Alexa, set the Kid’s Room to AC mode.”

“Alexa, what is the temperature?”

“Alexa, ask Alarm.com to set the Kitchen thermostat to 70 degrees.”

Security & door


“Alexa, ask Alarm.com to lock the door.”

“Alexa, unlock the front door.”

“Alexa, disarm my system with PIN 1234.”

“Alexa, ask Alarm.com to disarm.”

“Alexa, is my security system armed?”

“Alexa, is my security system disarmed?”

“Alexa, ask. Alarm.com to arm stay my security system.”

“Alexa, arm partition 1 stay.”

“Alexa, arm stay with no entry delay.”

“Alexa, is the front door locked?”

“Alexa, is the front door unlocked?”

“Alexa, ask Alarm.com if the garage door is open.”

“Alexa, close the garage door.”

“Alexa, unlock the front door.”