15 ADT Pulse System Commands for Google Assistant

Below are some examples of ADT Pulse System commands for Google Assistant. Use these commands to turn on the light, set thermostat temperature, or even increase the security profile of your house. You can start calling “Ok, Google”, “Hey, Google”, “Hi Google”, or “Hello Google”.

“Ok Google, turn on my lights.”

“Ok Google, dim my lights.”

“Hello Google, set my heat to 70 degrees.”

“Hello Google, set my AC to 72 degrees.”

“Hello Google, turn the heat up two degrees.”

“Ok Google, turn down the thermostat.”

“Ok Google, turn up the thermostat.”

“Ok Google, set the thermostat to 67 degrees.”

“Hi Google, what is the temperature of the thermostat?”

“Hi Google, arm my system.”

“Hi Google, lock my door”

“Hey Google, are the lights on in the dining room?”

“Hey Google, set security to arm.”

“Hey Google arm security.”

“Hey Google, is the light on in John’s bathroom?”