A Website for Stable Diffusion Prompts

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation tool that allows users to create stunning visuals simply by providing text prompts. As interest in AI art continues to grow, many creators are looking for prompt inspiration to fuel their creative endeavors. This article provides a comprehensive guide to AI prompt examples specifically for use with Stable Diffusion.

From beginners just starting out to advanced users looking to refine their craft, these prompts showcase the diversity of what’s possible with Stable Diffusion while providing a framework new users can build upon. Read on for prompt examples ranging from simple to complex, covering a variety of styles, techniques, and subject matter.

Getting Started

For those new to AI art, start simple. Focus on core elements like subject, style, and composition to get a feel for how Stable Diffusion interprets prompts.

A oil painting portrait of a wizard with a long white beard wearing a purple robe and pointy hat, detailed face

Once you have a handle on basics, start expanding prompts with additional descriptors and details. Define lighting, background elements, mood and more.

A dynamic digital illustration of a powerful female warrior casting a magic spell, vibrant purple glow around hands, long braided silver hair, intense expression, intricate fantasy armor, mystical forest background with glowing mushrooms, by Artgerm and Greg Rutkowski

Take time to analyze results and tweak prompts based on what you want to improve. This iterative process is key to honing prompts.


Leverage Stable Diffusion’s ability to mimic artistic styles by specifying movements or individual artists.

Art Movements

A futuristic cityscape digital painting in the style of cubism, with towering skyscrapers and flying vehicles, by Picasso

Individual Artists

A surreal dreamscape oil painting of floating islands shrouded in mist, in the style of Salvador Dali

Lighting and Color

Lighting and color can dramatically impact mood and atmosphere. Use descriptors like cinematic, high key, low key, muted, and vibrant.

A low key black and white portrait photography of an elderly man with kind eyes, dramatic shadows, high contrast

An vibrant splash art illustration of a colorful phoenix with wings outstretched, golden glow, bright highlights, deep shadows

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

For imaginary scenes, provide details to set the mood and provide visual cues.

A matte painting of an epic fantasy city built into a massive tree glowing with magic, Elven architecture, cascading waterfalls

A retrofuturistic sci-fi book cover illustration of a chrome spaceship flying through a brilliant nebula, 80’s style, vibrant pink and purple hues


Portraits require attention to attributes like hair, facial features, expression, and perspective.

A close-up portrait of an elderly Native American chief with a feathered headdress, intense stare, weathered skin, dramatic side lighting

A 3/4 view self-portrait oil painting of a young woman with freckles and curly red hair blowing in the wind, soft smile, green meadow background

Concept Art

For character and creature design, set the scene and emphasize key visual elements.

A detailed cyberpunk android concept art with glowing eyes, face partially replaced by futuristic metal plating, sparks flying from mechanical arm

An atmospheric dark fantasy monster concept art of a grotesque ogre holding a spiked club, looming over a foggy swamp


Landscapes allow you to showcase environments. Define geography, landmarks, atmosphere and scale.

An epic wide-angle matte painting of an astronaut exploring the surface of Mars, enormous volcano and canyon in background beneath starry sky

A sunny African savanna digital painting, herd of elephants and giraffes walking near acacia trees and Mount Kilimanjaro

Still Life and Product Shots

For inorganic subjects, clarify form, design, lighting and material qualities.

A symmetrical tabletop still life photograph of various antique scientific tools including astrolabe, hourglass, and telescope on wooden surface with subtle shadows

A product shot of a futuristic smart watch with holographic display, ultra-thin bezel, premium metal and glass construction, soft gradient background

Abstract and Surrealism

For experimental prompts, use imaginative language and unexpected combinations.

A surrealism oil painting of an elephant balancing on a giant floating cupcake wearing a top hat

A abstract digital art of an emerging galaxy formation, swirling vibrant colors, high saturation, deep shadows, sharp edges

Useful Websites

By starting simple and incrementally adding details, you can master prompt engineering for Stable Diffusion. This collection of prompt examples aims to ignite ideas and accelerate your AI art journey. Feel free to build upon these prompts or use them as inspiration when designing your own. Happy prompting!