A guide to anime prompts for Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion has become an incredibly popular AI art generator in recent years. With the right prompts and techniques, it can create stunning anime-style images. This guide will provide tips, examples, and resources to help you generate your own anime art with Stable Diffusion.

Getting Started with Anime Prompts

When creating anime prompts, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Use anime-specific models – Models like waifu-diffusion and Anime V5 are trained specifically on anime data sets and will produce better anime results.
  • Add anime style details – Include descriptive details like hair color, clothing, accessories, etc. The more visual details the better.
  • Use anime terminology – Terms like chibi, magical girl, mecha, etc. can help steer the AI.
  • Experiment with aspects and styles – Try :1.5 or style terms like storybook, grimdark, disney to tweak the aesthetic.

Here’s an example prompt using these tips:

A cheerful pink-haired magical girl with a staff and wings, chibi style, vibrant pastel colors, intricate details, by Makoto Shinkai and Studio Ghibli :1.2

Next, let’s look at some specific categories of anime prompts.

Anime Character Prompts

Anime characters are a very popular subject for AI art generation. Here are some prompt ideas to create your own original characters:


A timid anime school girl with short brown hair and glasses, wearing a sailor uniform, blushing while reading a love letter

Magical Girl

An elegant blue-haired magical girl with a flowing dress and staff, magical symbols and sparkles surrounding her

Mecha Pilot

A fierce anime mecha pilot girl with pink hair tied in a ponytail, combat outfit, confident stance in front of a blue and white mech


A male anime ninja with a red mask covering his face, throwing ninja stars while jumping between trees in a misty forest


An honorable female samurai with a katana sword and long black hair tied in a top knot, wearing armor, looking off into the distance

Get creative by mixing and matching hair color, outfits, accessories, poses, and backgrounds!

Anime Scene Prompts

You can also generate full anime scenes and environments:

Cherry Blossoms

A warm spring day in old Japan, sakura cherry blossoms are falling with the wind, a girl in a kimono is walking under the trees

Hot Springs

Outdoor hot springs near Mount Fuji, steam rising from blue waters surrounded by rocks, autumn leaves are falling with two girls relaxing

Futuristic City

A rainy night in a vibrant futuristic Tokyo city, neon lights reflecting on shiny streets, a guy in a yellow raincoat standing under an awning 

Beach Sunset

A colorful sunset over a tropical beach, palm trees swaying in wind, two friends sit in the sand looking out at the ocean waves

Advanced Anime Prompts

Once you get the hang of basic anime prompts, try these more advanced ideas:

Crossover Fan Art

Fuse two popular anime series into one image:

Sailor moon and dragon ball z crossover fan art, Sailor Moon wearing an orange gi as she fires a kamehameha wave

Original Story Concept

Describe an original anime story idea:

Key visual for a new anime series about a fox spirit girl starting high school in secret, magical realism style

Anime Version of Yourself

Insert yourself into an anime world:

An anime version of myself as a mage with glasses, casting fire magic, vibrant colors, detailed fantasy clothes and background

Let your imagination run wild!

Helpful Resources

Here are some helpful sites for finding anime prompts and models:

So get out there and start creating some anime magic! Let me know in the comments if you have any other anime prompt ideas.