85+ Finest ChatGPT Prompts to Use ChatGPT Like a Professional

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm since its release in November 2022. This powerful AI chatbot can understand natural language prompts and provide detailed, human-like responses on a wide range of topics. From summarizing long articles to writing code, ChatGPT opens up endless possibilities for how AI can assist us.

However, crafting effective prompts is key to getting the most out of ChatGPT. Without clear instructions and sufficient context, you may end up with irrelevant or nonsensical responses. This article will provide over 85 real-world examples of high-quality ChatGPT prompts for business, marketing, education, coding, and more. Follow these templates to use ChatGPT like a pro.

Introduction to ChatGPT Prompts

A ChatGPT prompt is the text you input to tell ChatGPT what kind of response you want. Every conversation starts with an initial prompt.

Here are some prompt writing best practices:

  • Be as specific and detailed as possible about what you want
  • Provide necessary context and background information
  • Set clear constraints like word count, tone, formatting etc.
  • Ask one question or task per prompt

Refine prompts through a back and forth conversation if the initial response misses the mark.

Now let’s explore real-world prompt examples across common use cases.

Business & Marketing Prompts

Content Creation

Write a 300-word blog post about the benefits of chatbots in customer service. Use an enthusiastic tone and format as a Word document with H2 subheadings.

SEO Optimization

Suggest 10 keyword variations and long tail keyword ideas for the topic: "at home fitness". Format as a bulleted list.  

Marketing Campaigns

You are a marketing consultant. Provide a step-by-step social media campaign plan to promote the launch of a new mobile app. Include platforms, content formats, targeting, and budget allocation. Format as a numbered list in paragraphs, 600 words max.

Educational Prompts

Study Aid

I'm studying financial accounting. Provide a one paragraph summary of the key concepts I should know regarding T-accounts, debits and credits. Use layman terms and avoid advanced terminology.

Lesson Plan

Develop a lesson plan to teach 5th grade students about photosynthesis in plants. Outline the objective, materials needed, major topics and activities in paragraph form. The plan should span two 30-minute classroom sessions.  

Coding & Programming Prompts

Code Translation

Translate this JavaScript code to Python: 

let x = 10;
const y = "Hello";

function add(a,b){
  return a + b;


Bug Fixing

This Python code is supposed to print numbers from 1 to 10 but contains logical errors. Please fix the bugs:

for x in range(10):
  x += 1 

Coding Assistant

You are a Python coding assistant. I need help to write a function that removes all vowels from a string. Provide the full function code including comments explaining each line.

Creative Writing Prompts

Short Story Outline

Provide a detailed 5 paragraph plot outline for a short horror story about a haunted hotel. Include descriptions of main characters and plot twists.

Poetry Collection

Write 4 rhyming couplets about seasons. Use vivid imagery and nature themes. Format as a poem with each couplet separated by blank lines. 

Screenplay Dialogue

You are writing a comedy screenplay. Provide humorous dialogue between two friends, David and Sarah, discussing what to wear on a blind date. Format appropriately for a film script, 4 exchanges max. Sarah should give amusing advice. 

Tips for ChatGPT Prompt Writing

Crafting effective ChatGPT prompts is an art that improves through practice. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Experiment with different prompts for the same request
  • Use follow-up questions to refine responses
  • Set constraints like word counts, formats, tones
  • Provide ample context so ChatGPT understands specifics
  • Ask for one output per prompt whenever possible

I hope these 85+ prompt examples sparked some ideas for how you can integrate ChatGPT into your workflows! Let your imagination run wild and see what this remarkable AI assistant can do. With well-crafted prompts, the possibilities are endless.