70 ChatGPT Prompts For Academics

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text on a variety of topics. It has enormous potential to support academic work by helping with research, writing, lesson planning, and more.

Here are 70 prompts that academics can use to get the most out of ChatGPT:


  • Summarize the key arguments made in this research paper in 3 bullet points: [insert paper]
  • Identify the theoretical framework used in this study: [insert paper]
  • What are the limitations of the methodology used in this paper? Provide constructive suggestions for improvement. [insert paper]
  • Compile a list of 10 seminal papers related to [insert research area] published after 2010.
  • What datasets are available to study [insert research question]? List 5 open access datasets with a 1-2 sentence description of each.

Literature Reviews

  • Provide an outline for a literature review on [insert topic], including key themes and subtopics to cover. Use level 2 headings for the main themes.
  • Identify 5 recent (after 2015) systematic reviews or meta-analyses related to [insert topic]. List them with their full citations in APA style.
  • Summarize the key findings from these 5 reviews related to [insert topic] in 3 bullet points: [insert citations]

Writing Support

  • Paraphrase this paragraph maintaining the original meaning: [insert text]
  • Expand this research paper abstract adding more details on the method and key findings: [insert abstract]
  • This sentence is vague and confusing, please reword it more clearly: [insert text]
  • Review this draft paragraph and suggest improvements to make the writing more concise: [insert text]

Lesson Planning

  • Create 3 discussion questions for undergraduate students about this research paper: [insert paper]
  • Develop a lesson plan outline for a 50 minute class on [insert topic] for sophomore college students with a slide deck overview. Use level 3 headings.
  • List 5 interactive classroom activities suitable for a high school introductory course on [insert topic]

Presentation Support

  • Generate 5 headings and bullet points summarizing the key takeaways from this research paper to use in a presentation: [insert paper]
  • Recommend a good opening statement for a conference presentation on [insert topic].
  • Review this conference presentation abstract and suggest improvements [insert text]. Focus your feedback on the clarity, specificity and impact of the abstract.

Writing Style

  • Identify 3 examples of passive voice in this report and rewrite them in active voice: [insert text]
  • This research paper uses overly complex language. Simplify the wording but maintain scientific accuracy: [insert text]
  • Review this student essay and edit it to have more concise sentence structure and clearer organization: [insert text]

Research Funding

  • Identify 5 funding agencies or foundation grants this research project would be competitive for: [insert brief project description]
  • Review this grant proposal draft and suggest improvements: [insert text]
  • Generate a list of 5 journals where this research paper could potentially be published: [insert paper draft]

Career Development

  • Provide examples of 3 quantitative accomplishments an early career researcher could highlight in their CV: [insert brief background]
  • What skills should a graduate student focus on developing to be competitive for this faculty job posting: [insert text]
  • Suggest 2-3 professional organizations a professor in [insert discipline] should consider joining


  • Identify 3 potential ethical concerns with the methodology used in this research study: [insert brief methodology overview]
  • What steps should researchers take to ensure informed consent and protect participant privacy: [insert discipline/context]
  • Review this research plan and highlight any areas that may require ethical oversight before proceeding: [insert brief research plan]

Writing References

  • This research makes several claims that require references. Please insert in-text citations along with matching references in APA format: [insert text]
  • Convert the references in this research paper to Chicago author-date format: [insert paper draft]
  • Scan this report and insert 5 relevant and credible external sources to support the arguments, formatted in MLA style: [insert report draft]

Data Analysis

  • Interpret the key findings from this statistical analysis in 3 bullet points: [insert results]
  • Identify 2 appropriate statistical tests to analyze the data collected in this study: [insert brief methodology]
  • Review the methodology of this study and recommend whether any additional data analysis may be warranted to support the conclusions: [insert brief methodology and findings overview]

Research Methods

  • Identify a suitable research method and study design to investigate this research question: [insert research question]
  • Outline the limitations of using this research method for the following purpose and suggest an alternative approach: [insert purpose and method]
  • Review this research proposal and recommend whether the chosen methods align with the stated aims: [insert proposal draft]

Academic Writing Feedback

  • Assess the clarity, credibility and contribution of this journal article and provide constructive feedback: [insert draft]
  • Identify redundant sections in this literature review chapter along with suggestions to consolidate the content: [insert draft chapter]
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the methodology section of this dissertation: [insert draft section]

By customizing these prompts, academics can tap into ChatGPT’s potential to enhance productivity and quality in teaching and research. While it has limitations in fully replicating human-level analysis, it offers a useful supporting tool. Researchers should apply sound judgement in determining the reliability and validity of ChatGPT’s output for any given purpose. Appropriate human evaluation is still essential for academic work.