50 Greatest Midjourney Clothes Prompts To Design Superior Characters

Creating compelling characters is key for any creative project. Whether you are designing a video game, writing a novel, or developing concept art, having visually striking characters that capture attention is crucial. This is where AI art generators like Midjourney can provide invaluable assistance.

With the right prompts and parameters, Midjourney can generate stunning character designs and outfits that bring your creations to life. In this article, we will explore 50 of the best Midjourney prompts for designing superior characters and their clothing.

Introduction to Midjourney for Character Design

Midjourney is an AI system that creates images from text descriptions. By providing prompts about styles, clothing items, colors and other details, Midjourney can produce original character art and fashion designs.

Here are some key tips when using Midjourney for character art:

  • Describe details – The more descriptive your prompt, the better the output. Specify hair style and color, skin tone, distinctive features etc.
  • Set a style – Indicate if you want a realistic, cartoon or anime aesthetic. Styles like Disney, Pixar and other brands also work well.
  • Use parameters – Adjust image parameters like –ar for aspect ratio and –s for image size.

Now let’s look at 50 amazing clothing prompts to design your next character!

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Character Prompts

Specifying imaginative genres like fantasy and sci-fi allows Midjourney to generate creative ideas while adhering to genre conventions:

  1. A mighty fantasy warrior wearing enchanted azure armor accented with gold
  2. Cyberpunk antihero wearing a long leather jacket with neon trim
  3. Apocalyptic scavenger dressed in piecemeal armor made of scrap metal and cloth
  4. Elven ranger garbed in cloak and tunic made of mystical glowing silk
  5. Space fleet admiral outfitted in a pristine white uniform decorated with medals

Stylish and Contemporary Prompts

Have Midjourney render modern fashion styles like streetwear and haute couture:

  1. Woman wearing an elegant ball gown made of shimmering fabric with intricate beadwork
  2. Man sporting a colorful Hawaiian shirt and linen pants, sunglasses atop his head
  3. Teenage girl dressed in trendy outfit of crop top, ripped jeans, and chunky sneakers
  4. Elderly lady wearing a stylish pantsuit accented with a patterned silk scarf
  5. Young musician dressed in ripped black jeans, vintage band t-shirt, and leather jacket

Historical and Cultural Garb

Visualize distinctive traditional outfits from different historical periods and cultures:

  1. 17th century French aristocrat wearing an embroidered waistcoat and breeches
  2. 1920s flapper clad in fringed dress and holding a feathered hand fan
  3. Arabian princess wearing an ornate caftan gown encrusted with precious gems
  4. Feudal Japanese samurai armored in lamellar cuirass and kabuto helmet
  5. Native American chieftain wearing fringed and beaded buckskin clothes and headdress

Uniforms and Costumes

Occupational attire and costumes make for recognizable character designs:

  1. Wizard dressed in flowing robes, pointed hat, and holding a carved staff
  2. Baseball player in jersey, trousers, cleats, gloves, and batting helmet
  3. Nurse wearing medical scrubs, face mask, and stethoscope around neck
  4. Ballet dancer outfitted in tutu, tights, slippers and floral crown
  5. Circus ringmaster sporting a red coat with gold accents, white jodhpurs and riding boots

Creature Design Prompts

Invent imaginative clothing ideas for non-human characters:

  1. Wise elder dragon wearing tribal jewelry and arm bracers
  2. Mermaid princess dressed in a gown made of seashells and pearls
  3. Robot butler clad in a tuxedo with a glowing power core exposed
  4. Werewolf wearing shredded pants, leather vest decorated with metal spikes
  5. Alien commander outfitted in sleek futuristic battle armor

Fashion Styles and Trends

Use Midjourney’s creative flair for the latest fashion aesthetics:

  1. Woman wearing a little black dress with lace trim and strappy heels
  2. Man sporting slim chinos, casual button-down, and minimal white sneakers
  3. Teen girl dressed in oversized hoodie, bike shorts, and high top Converse
  4. Elderly lady wearing smart blazer with silk blouse, wool slacks, and loafers
  5. Young woman outfitted in flared jeans, cropped sweater, and platform boots

Patterns, Textures and Colors

Prompt Midjourney to generate novel textiles and color combinations:

  1. Dapper gentleman wearing a houndstooth suit with orange paisley tie
  2. Woman sporting an embroidered denim jacket and watercolor-print maxi skirt
  3. Warrior garbed in armor made of dragon scales that fade from green to gold
  4. Fashion model strutting down the runway in a hot pink organza ball gown
  5. Musician wearing a tie-dye sundress decorated with white daisies

Fantasy Materials and Embellishments

Specify mythical fabrics and lavish details:

  1. Elven princess dressed in a gown of spider silk threaded with silver
  2. Steampunk inventor outfitted in leather longcoat with brass goggles and gold filigree
  3. Fairy wearing a petal dress accented with dewdrop jewels and gossamer wings
  4. Demon warrior clad in obsidian plate armor trimmed with fiery runes
  5. Mermaid clothed in a bioluminescent jellyfish gown that glows azure and violet

Fashion Photography and Editorial

Render characters in eye-catching fashion layouts:

  1. Fashion model lounging on a luxury yacht in a sheer lace caftan and oversized hat
  2. Handsome musician leaning against a graffitied wall in a biker jacket and skinny jeans
  3. Teen girl perched in a treehouse fortress wearing boho-chic dress and flower crown
  4. Bearded lumberjack standing in front of a rustic cabin in plaid shirt, jeans and work boots
  5. Sci-fi soldier crouching in a war-torn alien city wearing futuristic battle armor

Stylized and Artistic Renderings

Generate impressionist, abstract and other artsy aesthetics:

  1. Woman wearing a sundress and floppy hat rendered in vibrant watercolor strokes
  2. Man outfitted in minimal all-white clothing depicted in crisp ink illustration
  3. Alien wearing resplendent robes painted in metallic chrome and neon acrylics
  4. Musician garbed in patchwork leather and denim rendered in psychedelic patterns
  5. Armored knight wielding flaming sword depicted in medieval tapestry style

By utilizing these 50 clothing prompts as inspiration, you can create visionary characters dressed to impress. Describe the heroic fantasy warrior, retro flapper dress, trendy streetwear outfit or avant-garde costume design. Let Midjourney’s AI capabilities turn your imaginative prompts into striking visual concepts. With each new prompt, you can invent distinctive looks for all manner of distinctive personas.

So try out these Midjourney clothing ideas and design superior characters that leap off the page!