20 Greatest Midjourney Prompts for Age

Midjourney is an AI art generator that creates images from text prompts. It can generate stunning visuals across different styles, from photorealism to abstract art. One fun way to use Midjourney is to age characters by modifying prompts. This allows you to visualize how a person might look at different stages of life.

Here are 20 of the greatest Midjourney prompts for aging characters from youth to old age:

Portraits Across Ages

Young Child

Portrait of a 5 year old girl with red hair in pigtails wearing a blue dress outdoors in a field of flowers


Portrait of a 14 year old girl with freckles and curly brown hair wearing headphones

Young Adult

Portrait of a woman in her early 20s with blonde hair smiling while sitting in a cafe

Middle Aged

Portrait of a tired 40 year old woman with short black hair wearing business attire sitting at a desk with a computer


Portrait of a 70 year old woman with grey hair in a knitted sweater sitting in a rocking chair knitting a scarf

Aging Celebrities

See what your favorite actor or musician would look like at different ages:

Teenage Elvis

Black and white photo of Elvis Presley as a 15 year old in the 1950s

Middle Aged Beyonce

Beyonce at age 45 singing into a microphone with straight honey blonde hair

Elderly Bob Dylan

A 75 year old Bob Dylan playing guitar while sitting on a stool, with a gray beard and balding hair

Through the Decades

Travel back in time and visualize pop culture icons at different periods:

Rosie the Riveter in Her 20s During WWII

Young Rosie the Riveter in her early 20s in the 1940s flexing her bicep in her blue work shirt with a red polka dot bandana

Jimi Hendrix as a Child in the 1950s

An 8 year old Jimi Hendrix in 1959 laughing and playing air guitar

Elderly Princess Leia

85 year old Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia from Star Wars with white hair in braided buns wearing a regal gown

Friends and Family

Give Midjourney a whirl at envisioning relatives or friends at various ages:

Grandma’s School Portrait at Age 8

Black and white photo of my grandmother at age 8 in 1940, smiling with missing front teeth wearing a dress

Best Friend’s Wedding Photo at Age 32

My best friend laughing in her wedding dress outdoors at age 32 with a fishtail braid and baby’s breath flower crown

Brother as a Teenager

My brother at age 16 with curly hair and braces smiling in his basketball uniform holding a basketball

Historical Figures

Imagine what key figures from the past might have looked like at different points in their lives:

Frida Kahlo on Her 15th Birthday

Frida Kahlo as a young teenager in 1922 wearing a white dress with flowers in her hair on her 15th birthday

40 Year Old Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony as a determined middle aged woman with her hair in a bun in 1870 marching while holding a women’s rights sign

Elderly Gandhi

An elderly Gandhi with a bald head and white beard leaning on a cane at age 85 wearing white robes

The possibilities are endless when using Midjourney to visualize characters aging over time. Get creative with historical figures, family, friends, celebrities and more! With the right prompt, Midjourney can generate portrait images across the ages.

Prompt Examples

Here are some prompt formula examples you can model yours after:

[Name], [age] years old, [time period], [physical description], [clothing], [activity], [style]

Frida Kahlo, 15 years old, 1922, long dark braided hair with flowers, white dress, smiling on birthday, oil painting

[Name] at age [number], [year], [photo type], [physical traits], [clothing], [environment], [emotion]

Susan B. Anthony at age 40, 1870, black and white photo, hair in bun, holding women’s rights sign, marching, determined

[Name] as a [age descriptor] [gender] in [year(s)], [art style], [physical description], [action]

Jimi Hendrix as a child in the 1950s, cartoon art, big afro, laughing and playing air guitar

Follow these templates but get creative with the bracketed elements by tailoring them to the individual and scene you want to depict. Describe physical attributes, style, era, environment and emotions to guide Midjourney.


Midjourney opens up exciting possibilities for visualizing people aging over time. Whether crafting portraits across the decades for celebrities, envisioning relatives at major life events, or reimagining historical figures, a detailed prompt can produce magical results. Experiment with the prompt examples and let Midjourney surprise you with its imaginative, sometimes whimsical, aging interpretations. What age transformation would you like to prompt Midjourney to create next?