20 Dumb Alexa Commands: Hilarious Voice Command Examples

Looking for some silly and entertaining voice command examples for your Alexa device? Below are 20 dumb Alexa commands that will have you laughing out loud. From ridiculous requests to nonsensical inquiries, these voice commands are sure to elicit a chuckle from anyone listening. So go ahead, give them a try and see just how absurd Alexa’s responses can be.

#1 Food and Drink

“Alexa, can you order me a pizza from Mars?”
“Alexa, can you make me a sandwich out of air?”
“Alexa, can you brew me a cup of unicorn tears?”

#2 Animals

“Alexa, can you ask my cat to do the dishes?”
“Alexa, can you teach my dog to speak Spanish?”
“Alexa, can you tell my fish to stop singing in the shower?”

#3 Time and Space

“Alexa, can you turn back time so I can eat lunch twice?”
“Alexa, can you fast forward to the weekend?”
“Alexa, can you pause time so I can take a nap forever?”

#4 Random Requests

“Alexa, can you tell me a joke that’s not funny?”
“Alexa, can you guess my credit card number?”
“Alexa, can you solve world peace in 3 seconds?”

#5 Technology and Gadgets

“Alexa, can you upgrade yourself to be more intelligent than me?”
“Alexa, can you hack into my neighbor’s WiFi for better signal?”
“Alexa, can you turn my phone into a sandwich?”

#6 Movies and TV Shows

“Alexa, can you transport me into a Pixar film?”
“Alexa, can you make me the star of my own reality show?”
“Alexa, can you write me a script for the next Avengers movie?”

Whether you’re looking to entertain friends or just want to have a good laugh, these dumb Alexa commands are sure to bring some humor to your day. So go ahead and give them a try – you never know what kind of ridiculous response Alexa might come up with!