110 Greatest Chat ChatGPT Prompts for Entrepreneurs

ChatGPT is an incredibly useful tool for entrepreneurs. It can help with business planning, content creation, marketing, and more. Here are 110 of the best ChatGPT prompts specifically for entrepreneurs:

Business Planning and Strategy

  1. Help me perform a SWOT analysis for my startup idea selling eco-friendly cleaning products.
  2. What are the first 5 things I should do to legally establish my consulting business?
  3. Suggest a positioning statement and brand messaging for my new meal delivery service focused on healthy, organic foods.
  4. Give me an outline for a slide deck to pitch investors on my medical device startup.
  5. Help me brainstorm a name, logo ideas, and tagline for my new pet sitting service.

Content Creation

  1. Write a 300-word blog post introducing my handmade jewelry business to potential new customers.
  2. Help me create an ebook outline about the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business.
  3. Generate a series of social media posts announcing the grand opening of my new coffee shop.
  4. Write a cold email template I can use to partner with other businesses in my area.
  5. Create Facebook and Instagram captions for my new line of locally made hot sauces.

Marketing and Advertising

  1. Recommend strategies for marketing my new food truck to the local community.
  2. Suggest ideas for low-budget, high-impact marketing campaigns to promote my new mobile app.
  3. Help me optimize my small business website for SEO including meta descriptions and tags.
  4. Craft an email marketing campaign focused on customer retention for my boutique fitness studio.
  5. Design Google and Facebook ads for the launch of my new life coaching practice.


  1. Provide sample sales scripts my startup could use when cold calling potential customers.
  2. Give tips for creating an effective sales funnel for my garden supply ecommerce business.
  3. Help me improve my sales pitch for getting local restaurants to sell my artisan hot sauce.
  4. Suggest upsells and cross-sells my wedding photography business could offer customers.
  5. Outline objections customers might have to buying services from my new digital marketing agency.

Customer Service

  1. Provide sample responses my employees can use to handle common customer service issues.
  2. Help me create an online knowledge base and FAQ page to improve customer service for my SaaS company.
  3. Give examples of excellent customer service policies and practices for my small retail store.
  4. Recommend strategies for gathering customer feedback and reviews for my bakery’s products and service.
  5. Outline best practices in customer service for my home cleaning business to stand out from competitors.


  1. Help me streamline operations for my fast-growing ecommerce business, from order fulfillment to inventory management.
  2. Suggest technologies that could automate tasks and improve efficiency as my services business scales.
  3. Provide advice for managing production and quality control for my small-batch hot sauce manufacturing.
  4. Give me ideas to organize inventory and track orders in my handmade jewelry shop.
  5. Help me create an operations manual documenting processes for my boutique PR agency.

Human Resources

  1. Outline key roles and responsibilities for the first few hires at my startup.
  2. Suggest qualifications and skills to look for when hiring a social media manager for my small business.
  3. Provide examples of effective performance reviews I can adapt for employees at my company.
  4. Recommend best practices for retaining top talent within a small but rapidly growing organization.
  5. Give me ideas for low-cost employee perks and benefits at my 10-person services company.


  1. Help me create a 12-month profit and loss projection for my new retail store.
  2. Provide tips for managing cash flow and accounts receivable for my creative agency.
  3. Outline the basic financial statements I should prepare for my technology consultancy.
  4. Suggest financial metrics and KPIs to track the health of my auto repair shop.
  5. Recommend tools for invoicing, accounting, and expense tracking appropriate for an early-stage SaaS startup.


  1. Outline key legal issues and requirements to forming my new LLC.
  2. Help me understand regulations and permits needed to operate my home bakery business.
  3. Suggest important legal considerations when launching an ecommerce site selling used books.
  4. Provide an overview of tax requirements, deductions and filings for a new freelance web design business.
  5. Give examples of common legal mistakes startups make and how to avoid them.


  1. Recommend strategies for scaling my consulting agency from 5 to 20 clients.
  2. Outline a business development plan for my technology company to land larger enterprise deals.
  3. Suggest partnerships and affiliate programs my ecommerce store could leverage to accelerate growth.
  4. Provide ideas for expanding my boutique social media marketing agency nationally.
  5. Help me create a product roadmap for the next 2 years for my fast-growing SaaS company.

Leadership and Management

  1. Give examples of techniques to foster innovation within my 10-person startup team.
  2. Suggest best practices for providing constructive feedback to underperforming employees.
  3. Outline effective techniques for conflict resolution I can apply as a new manager.
  4. Recommend leadership principles for successfully guiding a rapidly scaling organization.
  5. Provide tips for improving transparency and communication across departments at my growing agency.


  1. Help me organize my tasks and schedule as a busy startup founder and CEO.
  2. Suggest techniques for avoiding distractions and staying focused while working from home.
  3. Give me ideas for streamlining my email inbox and keeping it under control.
  4. Recommend tools for automating administrative tasks at my small business.
  5. Provide tips for balancing work and personal life as an entrepreneur.

Pitching and Fundraising

  1. Help me craft my startup’s origin story and vision for a compelling fundraising pitch.
  2. Suggest updates for my pitch deck before I present to angel investors.
  3. Provide examples of great responses to tough questions from venture capitalists.
  4. Give me advice for effectively pitching my product to retailers and distributors.
  5. Outline important tips for pitching my business on a crowdfunding site.

Mindset and Motivation

  1. Recommend daily habits and routines for maintaining work-life balance as an entrepreneur.
  2. Suggest mindset shifts to stay motivated when facing startup challenges.
  3. Provide affirmations I can repeat when self-doubt as a founder starts to creep in.
  4. Give me advice for dealing with the isolation and loneliness of entrepreneurship.
  5. Help me create a vision board to clarify my short and long-term goals for my business.

Networking and Relationships

  1. Provide networking tips to help me make meaningful connections as an introverted startup founder.
  2. Suggest warm introductions I can request from my network to potential startup mentors.
  3. Outline strategies for building relationships with other entrepreneurs in my city.
  4. Give me ideas for providing value to my network while avoiding appearing overly promotional.
  5. Recommend conferences and events where I could connect with investors and partners.


  1. Help me plan a daily routine that includes personal health and wellness activities.
  2. Suggest healthy stress-management habits for an busy entrepreneur.
  3. Provide tips for taking a true day off from work without feeling guilty.
  4. Outline a budget-friendly but meaningful weekend getaway for a burnt out startup founder.
  5. Give me ideas for small daily rewards I can use to celebrate accomplishments.


  1. Outline a structured approach to solving complex business problems.
  2. Provide methods for root cause analysis when things go wrong.
  3. Suggest creative brainstorming techniques for generating innovative solutions.
  4. Recommend research tactics to better understand customer problems.
  5. Give examples of unconventional solutions to common startup challenges.


  1. Suggest a decision-making framework I can use to objectively evaluate business alternatives.
  2. Provide tips for assessing risk vs. reward when making major startup decisions.
  3. Outline techniques to get buy-in from stakeholders on key strategic decisions.
  4. Give me advice for trusting my intuition vs. over-analyzing when choices need to be made quickly.
  5. Help me create a pros and cons list for a major business model pivot I’m considering.


  1. Give me tips for negotiating with vendors and suppliers as a young startup.
  2. Outline strategies for negotiating more runway-friendly terms with my startup’s bank.
  3. Suggest techniques I could use to negotiate higher salaries with job candidates.
  4. Provide advice for effectively negotiating partnerships with other companies.
  5. Help me prepare for hardball negotiations with a large enterprise customer.

Crisis Management

  1. Outline a crisis management plan for my small business to prepare for unforeseen events.
  2. Provide tips for communicating with customers during a difficult situation like a data breach.
  3. Suggest best practices for interacting with the media during a damaging public controversy.
  4. Give me advice for rebuilding consumer trust after a major business scandal.
  5. Help me craft an apology and plan corrective actions after a significant customer service mistake.

ChatGPT Limitations

  1. Explain the current limitations of ChatGPT in assisting entrepreneurs.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest. However, it has some important limitations that entrepreneurs should keep in mind:

  • It has no real-world business experience or practical knowledge earned from starting and running companies. Its advice comes solely from analyzing text and conversations during its training.
  • While it can provide suggestions, creative ideas, and content, it cannot make definitive business decisions or guarantee results. Ultimate judgment calls must come from the entrepreneur.
  • Its responses may be theoretically sound but impractical or flawed when applied to actual business scenarios. You should carefully review and test any counsel it provides.
  • It has limited ability to learn and improve responses through continued conversation at this time. It may repeat poor or factually incorrect suggestions if not retrained.
  • As an AI system, it has no true understanding of concepts in entrepreneurship. It simply produces plausible-sounding outputs based on patterns in its training data.

So while ChatGPT can be immensely helpful, entrepreneurs should utilize its inputs as inspiration rather than blindly following its advice. Combine its creative ideas with your real-world expertise and business acumen to determine what makes sense for your startup.

Wrapping Up

I hope you find these ChatGPT prompts useful for your entrepreneurial journey! This AI assistant is an incredible ideation and content creation tool that can radically improve productivity. Just be mindful of its limitations, and don’t forget to combine its computer-generated counsel with your own business experience and common sense.

Let me know if you have any other great prompt ideas for fellow founders and entrepreneurs!