100 AI Picture Prompts for Bing’s Picture Creator

Bing’s Picture Creator is an innovative AI image generation tool powered by DALL-E technology. It allows users to create unique images simply by describing what they want to see. With so much creative potential, it can be hard to know where to start. This article provides 100 picture prompts across various categories to spark your inspiration when using Bing’s Picture Creator.

Abstract and Surreal Images

The AI behind Bing’s Picture Creator excels at generating abstract, imaginative images from text descriptions. Here are some prompts for surreal pictures:

  • A mystical tree with a door in its trunk leading into a magical forest
  • An astronaut riding a unicorn over a rainbow across a starry galaxy
  • A friendly robot made of cogs and gears watering flowering plants
  • An hourglass in space with sand floating in zero gravity
  • A fantasy castle floating amongst the clouds on a small island

Portraits and Characters

Bring imaginary characters to life or generate portrait images:

  • An elf with long golden hair braiding flowers into her locks
  • A steampunk inventor tinkering with a mechanical robot
  • A fairytale princess dancing in a field of poppies
  • A wizard reading an ancient leatherbound spellbook full of arcane secrets
  • A female pirate captain standing at the helm of her ship

Landscapes and Scenery

Craft natural or fantastical landscapes with these landscape prompts:

  • Rolling green hills overlooking a tranquil turquoise lake
  • A lush jungle scene with a glistening waterfall and rainbow
  • Desert mesa formations at sunset with golden light
  • Japanese pagoda nestled in a bamboo forest
  • Giant sequoia trees covered in snow under a moonlit sky

Still Life and Products

Generate still life images showcasing inanimate objects:

  • Colorful macaroons arranged beautifully on a marble cake stand
  • Antique books and scientific tools laid out on an old oak desk
  • Fresh fruit and flowers in a wicker basket, soft lighting
  • An elegant table setting with fine china and crystal glasses
  • Luxury watches and jewelry displayed on a black background

Animals and Creatures

Bring imaginative creatures to life with these animal prompts:

  • A majestic pegasus soaring through a purple and pink sky
  • A cute baby sloth hanging from a tree branch in the rainforest
  • A fluffy Pomeranian puppy with a red bow sleeping on a pillow
  • A magical unicorn walking through a mystical, misty forest
  • An emperor penguin family huddling for warmth in the Antarctic

With Bing’s Picture Creator, the possibilities are endless. Use these 100 AI picture prompts to ignite your creativity and generate stunning, unique images. Describe your vision, hit “Create”, and let this remarkable AI tool bring your ideas to life.


Bing’s Picture Creator opens up new frontiers for artists, designers, and anyone who wants to visualize their imagination. By providing detailed text prompts, you can produce images unbound by physical limitations.

Experiment with vivid colors, fantastical settings, and imaginative characters using prompts from various categories. From surreal galaxies to cute animals, this AI image generator can construct pictures to match even your wildest dreams.

So go ahead – flex your creativity, refine prompts that resonate with you, and transform simple words into beautiful computer-generated artworks. The only limit is your imagination!