10 Voice Commands to Enable Alexa Access to Networked Computer Files

Below are some voice command examples you can use to enable Alexa access to networked computer files.

#1 Basic File Commands

“Alexa, open my files.”
“Alexa, find my documents.”
“Alexa, show me my pictures.”

#2 File Navigation Commands

“Alexa, go to the downloads folder.”
“Alexa, open the music folder.”
“Alexa, navigate to the videos folder.”

#3 File Search Commands

“Alexa, search for files containing ‘report’.”
“Alexa, find the latest spreadsheet.”
“Alexa, locate the presentation file.”

#4 File Management Commands

“Alexa, create a new folder named ‘work’.”
“Alexa, rename the file to ‘presentation’.”
“Alexa, delete the picture file.”

#5 File Sharing Commands

“Alexa, share the document with John.”
“Alexa, send the file to my email.”
“Alexa, upload the image to Dropbox.”

#6 File Access Commands

“Alexa, access the shared folder.”
“Alexa, view the file details.”
“Alexa, open the file in the browser.”

#7 File Syncing Commands

“Alexa, sync my files to the cloud.”
“Alexa, update the files from the network drive.”

#8 File Backup Commands

“Alexa, back up my files to an external drive.”
“Alexa, create a backup of the folder.”

#9 File Security Commands

“Alexa, lock the folder with a password.”
“Alexa, encrypt the sensitive files.”

#10 File Organization Commands

“Alexa, sort the files by date.”
“Alexa, arrange the files by size.”
“Alexa, group the files by type.”