10 Voice Commands for Siri to Read Outlook App

Below are some voice command examples you can use to interact with the Outlook app using Siri.

#1 Basic Commands

“Open Outlook app”
“Show my emails”
“Read my last email”
“Compose a new email”
“Check my calendar”

#2 Email Commands

“Read my unread emails”
“Reply to email from John”
“Send an email to Sarah”
“Delete email from spam folder”

#3 Calendar Commands

“Show my calendar for today”
“What are my appointments tomorrow?”
“Schedule a meeting for Friday at 3 pm”
“Set a reminder for my meeting at 2 pm”

#4 Search Commands

“Search for email from Jane”
“Find emails with attachments”
“Look for emails from last week”
“Search for calendar event on Monday”

#5 Navigation Commands

“Go to inbox”
“Navigate to sent items”
“Switch to calendar view”
“Back to main menu”

#6 Inbox Management Commands

“Mark email as important”
“Archive this email”
“Move email to folder”
“Flag this email for follow-up”

#7 Personalization Commands

“Change email layout to focused inbox”
“Set up out of office notification”
“Customize swipe gestures”
“Enable dark mode for Outlook”

#8 Reminder Commands

“Remind me to follow up with client tomorrow”
“Set a deadline for the project on Friday”
“Create a task for the presentation next week”
“Reminder to reply to emails by 5 pm”

#9 Security Commands

“Lock Outlook app with a passcode”
“Enable two-factor authentication”
“Check my login activity”
“Report phishing email”

#10 Sync Commands

“Sync my Outlook calendar with Google Calendar”
“Update my contact list with Outlook”
“Sync Outlook tasks with Apple Reminders”
“Connect Outlook with Dropbox for file sharing”