10 Useful Siri Commands for Finding Your Lost Phone

Below are some voice command examples you can use with Siri to help you find your lost phone. Whether you’ve misplaced your device at home or in a public place, these commands can help you locate your phone quickly and easily.

#1 Basic Location Commands

“Hey Siri, where is my phone?”
“Find my iPhone”
“Show me the location of my phone”

#2 Making Your Phone Ring

“Hey Siri, make my phone ring”
“Play a sound on my phone”
“Find my phone and ring it”

#3 Locking Your Phone

“Siri, lock my phone”
“Lock my iPhone”
“Activate Lost Mode on my device”

#4 Activating Lost Mode

“Hey Siri, activate Lost Mode”
“Activate Lost Mode on my iPhone”
“Put my phone in Lost Mode”

#5 Notifying Contact Information

“Siri, show my contact information”
“Display owner information on my phone”
“Show my emergency contact details”

#6 Remote Wiping Your Phone

“Hey Siri, erase my phone”
“Remote wipe my iPhone”
“Erase all data on my device”

#7 Checking Battery Status

“Siri, check my phone’s battery status”
“What is the battery level on my iPhone?”
“Show me my phone’s battery percentage”

#8 Finding Nearby Devices

“Hey Siri, locate my nearby devices”
“Find other devices near me”
“Show me which devices are in my vicinity”

#9 Activating AirTag for Lost Phone

“Siri, enable AirTag for my lost phone”
“Activate AirTag for my iPhone”
“Use AirTag to locate my phone”

#10 Checking Phone’s Last Known Location

“Hey Siri, where was my phone last seen?”
“What was the last known location of my iPhone?”
“Show me where my phone was last located”