10 Alexa Lifx Color Command Examples for Voice Control

Are you looking for some Alexa Lifx color command examples for voice control? Below are 33-150 voice command examples that you can use to control your Lifx lights with just your voice. Try out these commands and see how easy it is to change the color of your lights without lifting a finger.

#1 Basic Color Commands

“Set the lights to red.”
“Change the lights to blue.”
“Make the lights green.”

#2 Advanced Color Commands

“Set the lights to a warm white.”
“Change the lights to a cool white.”
“Make the lights a soft pink.”

#3 Brightness Commands

“Dim the lights to 50%.”
“Set the lights to full brightness.”
“Make the lights 80% brightness.”

#4 Scene Commands

“Activate the relax scene.”
“Turn on the party scene.”
“Set the lights to movie mode.”

#5 Color Cycle Commands

“Start color cycle.”
“Stop color cycle.”
“Change color cycle speed to medium.”

#6 Color Loop Commands

“Start color loop.”
“Stop color loop.”
“Change color loop speed to fast.”

#7 Group Commands

“Turn off all bedroom lights.”
“Set the living room lights to blue.”
“Dim the kitchen lights to 30% brightness.”

#8 Day and Night Commands

“Set the lights to daylight mode.”
“Turn on the night mode.”
“Activate the evening mode.”

#9 Color Themes Commands

“Set lights to ocean theme.”
“Activate the forest theme.”
“Change to the sunset theme.”

#10 Custom Commands

“Save current setting as custom 1.”
“Activate custom 1.”
“Delete custom 1.”

With these voice command examples, you can easily control your Lifx lights with Alexa and enjoy a customized and convenient lighting experience. Try out these commands and see how they can enhance your home lighting setup.